When Love Hurts

And, while I soothed him and said I was so, so sorry…that’s when he punched me in the face.

Catherine’s Pascha

I only review books that I absolutely can’t live without, and this was one my kids can’t live without.

Autism and Your Parish, Pt 3: Meltdowns

It’s Saturday re-release day! I’m popping up on your feed an extra time this week because part of Autism Awareness is understanding meltdowns (or flare-ups, as a very wise reader recommended I call them…I am seriously considering changing my language, but calling it “meltdowns” today for the sake of clarity and continuity). I once read…

Autism in Your Parish, Part Two: The Function of Autistic Behaviors

So, today is the second Saturday of Autism Awareness Month, and here’s what I’m thinking about today. A huge part of autism awareness is the realization that what you thought was bad manners or an irritatingly uncomfortable lack of social skills…isn’t. It’s autism. That person’s brain formed differently and causes them to act in a…