Meet the Opriskos


author pictureMe: I’m an Orthodox convert and I’ve found a true home here, where people love and support us. We’re in year two of homeschooling, and in year one of homeschooling a child with autism. I often feel like life is eating me alive–it is a big, full plate, after all–but I am struggling toward Christ. And trying to find a way to reach my kids and bring them with me.




IMG_0769[1]George / Will / The Professor / Crocodile Dundee:
Okay, that last one was absolute nonsense. But a little explanation here: my husband has a few names. He most often goes by his middle name, Will, but I happened to meet him during the 5-year stint when he went by his first name, George. He says he thinks of himself as Will, so you should probably call him Will if you’re not me or my parents. I refer to him as Will, but it’s too weird for me to address him that way, so when I tell him to come here, I yell for George, and he answers.

Anyway, I was very fortunate that this man picked me for his family. He is a true partner, the best support and cheerleader I could ever think up. He likes games and all things geek-able (pretty passionate about Star Wars and Star Trek in particular), loves post-apocalyptic fiction and Russian lit, and wants to be a professor someday. He’s my lovable academic, my hero geek, my strong partner, and thoughtful dad to our kids. You would be better off to know him.




IMG_0645[1]Nora: If you can picture an adult, put her in a six-year-old-sized body, and call her 10, you can picture our oldest kiddo. She’s small, but mighty. She’s hilarious, but doesn’t mean to be.

Here. Get to know her a little.

Camp Director: Who is Jesus?

Nora: He bestows mercy upon those who need mercy.

Camp Director: …

Nora: Also, I’m pretty sure he can walk through walls and stuff.

That’s Nora.



He’s 9, and he’s our little soldier. His patron is the mighty St. George. Legend says that St. George saved a young maiden from a vicious dragon, but it’s likely that story came from the metaphorical icons that depict him. The church is often portrayed in icons as a young woman, and evil or the devil is portrayed as something dangerous and reptilian, like a snake or a dragon. St. George defends the church; he fights an ongoing struggle, and above, God’s hand of blessing extends over him.

He’s the perfect patron for him. And whenever I look at the icon and see God’s hand reaching out of the clouds over him, I am comforted–God blesses William’s struggle and strengthens him daily.

William also likes street sweepers and asking people if they tooted. Because, you know. Boy.






Samuel: Sammy is 3 and he is a mover and a talker! He loves his siblings and would do anything to be like them and be included in whatever it is they’re doing, even if it’s just checking the mail or doing homework.




There’s us. We’re very glad to meet you!

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  1. Michelle M. says:

    Nice to meet you all! And I’m very much looking forward to reading more 🙂


    1. mauraoprisko says:

      Thank you, Michelle! 😀


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